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Tax Invoice Template

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To understand the difference between tax invoice and a non-tax invoice, we need to understand the invoice first, an invoice is an legal document specifying the terms and conditions and the products or services that you sell to your client. What is the importance of invoice in trading of products? The first answer to this question which comes to our minds is the amount of money due with buyer. However it is not the only importance of invoice.

An invoice template can be segregated into three sections that are: top band, detail band and footer band.

The top band section is also known as invoice header, it should consists of following elements

– Letterhead of seller which includes business name of seller, address, telephone number, e-mail and web address.

– Tax registration number if you are registered with bill and collect tax.

– Incorporation of business registration number.

– Date of invoice.

– Unique invoice number which is a serial number maintained with all trading details.

– Customer information, this should include complete details of his buyer.

– Mode of payment along with clear description of your terms of payment.

The detail section of invoice which is also known as invoice body should cover information as:

– Description of goods supplied, weight, quantity, price of individual unit of product etc.

The footer section of invoice template is bottom section should covers:

– Total price of all individual units.

– Total taxes to the total cost and mention total cost after adding taxes.

– Payment preferences if any to get paid then give details of it to the buyer.

invoice form template sample - tax invoice template

invoice form template sample - tax invoice template

Then let’s get into the tax invoice, a tax invoice is one that you issue to a buyer for a purchase made that is covered by sales tax. A non-tax invoice, which is also called standard invoice, is one that a seller gives to a buyer for purchases that are not covered by sales tax. For people who are new to businesses, they may find making a tax template a little more complicated than making a non-tax template. However, to set up a tax invoice template that you can use for your business, you need to have knowledge about what products are subject to sales tax, and at what rate. Making a tax template can be a little complicated which requires research on tax laws and accounting, so normally this is often the job of the company accountant or the administrative officer.

A good place to start is the internet, you can find plenty of business forms there, including the tax invoice template that you need. You should not work too hard or spend too much on processes and things that could have been conveniently and easily downloaded, if you only knew which resources to look into. Internet is a good resource of sample forms such as tax template, which can save you the hassle of having to build one from scratch, or paying someone else to build it for you.

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